Landscape Design Principles

Landscape Design Principles

Designing the landscape of easiest task until you get started. This becomes even harder if you have no experience in landscape design at all. There is always the option of hiring a landscape designer if you can afford one. If you have to do it yourself, there are some landscape design principles that you can follow for successful execution.

Landscape Design Principles
Landscape Design Principles

The “Law” Of Significant Enclosure

A garden is an enclosure, the sort of place that should act like your refuge, where you can bond with nature. According to the law of significant enclosure, in the space we inhabit, the vertical edge should be at least one-third the horizontal space length. This will automatically tell you how tall flowers, hedges, or walls should be, giving the space a sense of enclosure.

The Regulating Line

This is where you can use things like doorways, walls, or landscape features can create imaginary lines that make it easier to organize the space. It brings about a sense of rhythm and shows that the garden was created around strong principles.

The Golden Rectangle

The golden rectangle is used to bring about a feeling of balance and order, getting the proportions right. In the golden triangle, the length and width are equal to the length and the sum of both sides (a/b = b/a+b).

Size Matters

You should always go big when sculpting a space. Go for wider stairs, taller pillars, longer pools, etc, because you never know what the future might be like. You might have pots clustered around the pillars in the future, making it feel just right despite the fact that it had felt tall when you were designing it.

Plant Big to Small

It’s hard to place rules on plants and yet they play a very important role and need to be planned right. Some rules that you should follow include moving from big to small, starting with trees, moving to smaller shrubs, on to perennials, and then finally the ground cover. The bigger plants can cause more damage to the soil around when installing them, and could even require machinery and multiple people. This makes it sensible to start with the big plants.

Plant in Masses

Most people would probably want to plant a variety of plants in their backyards, but the most successful way of planting is from planting a few plants, but in mass. It gives out a more striking visual effect.

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