How To Transport Plants from Your Garden

How To Transport Plants from Your Garden

If you have invested time taking care of your plants then there is a certain attachment with them. Some plants are very sensitive and just a little negligence and they are dead. If you are therefore planning to transport your leafy friends it is mandatory that you do enough planning in advance. That should be in terms of how you will transport them, packaging materials and which plants will go. Some of the things that you should bear in mind before transporting your plants include:

How To Transport Plants from Your Garden
How To Transport Plants from Your Garden

Size of plants and pots

Before transporting your plants, you have to decide which plants you are transporting and their sizes to know what space they will need.  You also need to know the size of the pots since they come in different sizes. You also need to know if you will have to transport a plant to a pot for easier transportation.

Removing garden-based plants

Once you have decided that you want to transport garden-based pants, you have to plan how you will remove and transport them. Since removing them just before transporting them may make them die, you have to do it at least a few weeks prior. That will make sure that the plant has acclimatized well being in a pot and will also help the load to be light. That will help minimize the chances of the pot breaking while transporting. When you are transplanting be sure to dig as low as possible so that you don’t cut the root. When the root is cut some plants may die.

Type of soil

Before transporting your plants, it is important to find out in which type of soil will your plants thrive and which is the soil type of where you are taking them. That will help you know if you are supposed to carry with you some soil too.

The distance you are traveling

If you are traveling a short distance, most of the time it is not a big deal as compared to a long distance. If you are traveling long you need an adequate plan especially if it is going to involve several days. That is because some plants cannot do without sunlight.

Means of transport

Depending on the number of plants and size, you can either opt to transport them with your car or look for a transporting company such as Kuljetusliike SKT. Whatever way you choose to transport, it should be somewhere there is enough air circulation as temperature changes can greatly affect them

Take care of them while on the road

It does not mean that if they are on the road, they don’t need care. Make sure you carry some water for watering them. If possible, keep the plants away from direct sunlight. If you are going to a windy or freezing temperature, protect them from foliage or frostbite using newspapers. If you are moving other things too, be sure to load the plants last for easier access and circulation of air.

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