How to Grow Marijuana in Your Garden

How to Grow Marijuana in Your Garden

Marijuana has many health benefits and more and more people are becoming interested in marijuana. Luckily, you can grow marijuana in your garden. It is not complicated and does not need special equipment to grow it. There is a misconception that marijuana does well in tropical conditions but that is not true. All you need is to know what to do and when and your marijuana plant will flourish.  There have been many legal issues regarding marijuana and that has led to many Marijuana Law Seminars to sensitize people on that. It has become legal in most states but makes sure that you confirm with your local authorities before getting started just to be safe. Some of the steps you can take to grow marijuana in your garden include:

How to Grow Marijuana in Your Garden
How to Grow Marijuana in Your Garden

Choose an outdoor cannabis strain

With marijuana, there are strains that are meant for indoors and those that are meant for outdoors. Make sure that you choose those meant for outdoors as they are adaptable to outdoors. They take a shorter time to mature and are more resistant to humidity and mold.

Start the right season

In order to farm anything, you have to time the right season. For marijuana, it is best to start in spring. It is likely to grow fast in spring and the first half of summer. In winter it does not grow much since it is more of a tropical plant.

Plant it at the right place

With marijuana, you have to choose the right spot in your garden to plant marijuana. The more sunlight the plan is able to get per day the better it will be for you. The recommended period of r direct sunlight is between 4-6 hours a day. If you are unsure, using flower pots may work out for you. You can plant them in pots then move them where necessary. Luckily marijuana blends in well with other plants hence you can plant with other plants and it will still do well.

If possible, germinate your seeds

As much as buying the small plants may sound easier, it may be hard to find them since not many people plant cannabis. It is therefore advisable to germinate your own seeds. If possible do it the right time which is beginning of spring and plant twice what you are anticipating to plant as there are some seeds that may not germinate. There are also young marijuana plants that may not make it as may be eaten by snails or may be affected by the weather.

Plant it the right way

For marijuana, it is best to germinate the seeds somewhere indoors but where sunlight can reach the plants. That is to protect them from anything that may affect them such as weather extremes or animals. They should, however, be taken outside 3-4 weeks after germination. When they are in pots, it is easy to move them around. After 3-4 weeks you can use fertilizers as that will help it grow fast. Also, make sure it is exposed to as much sunlight as possible. Spacing should be done right and weeding should be done timely.

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