Landscape Design Principles

Landscape Design Principles

Designing the landscape of easiest task until you get started. This becomes even harder if you have no experience in landscape design at all. There is always the option of hiring a landscape designer if you can afford one. If you have to do it yourself, there are some landscape design principles that you can follow for successful execution.

Landscape Design Principles
Landscape Design Principles

The “Law” Of Significant Enclosure

A garden is an enclosure, the sort of place that should act like your refuge, where you can bond with nature. According to the law of significant enclosure, in the space we inhabit, the vertical edge should be at least one-third the horizontal space length. This will automatically tell you how tall flowers, hedges, or walls should be, giving the space a sense of enclosure.

The Regulating Line

This is where you can use things like doorways, walls, or landscape features can create imaginary lines that make it easier to organize the space. It brings about a sense of rhythm and shows that the garden was created around strong principles.

The Golden Rectangle

The golden rectangle is used to bring about a feeling of balance and order, getting the proportions right. In the golden triangle, the length and width are equal to the length and the sum of both sides (a/b = b/a+b).

Size Matters

You should always go big when sculpting a space. Go for wider stairs, taller pillars, longer pools, etc, because you never know what the future might be like. You might have pots clustered around the pillars in the future, making it feel just right despite the fact that it had felt tall when you were designing it.

Plant Big to Small

It’s hard to place rules on plants and yet they play a very important role and need to be planned right. Some rules that you should follow include moving from big to small, starting with trees, moving to smaller shrubs, on to perennials, and then finally the ground cover. The bigger plants can cause more damage to the soil around when installing them, and could even require machinery and multiple people. This makes it sensible to start with the big plants.

Plant in Masses

Most people would probably want to plant a variety of plants in their backyards, but the most successful way of planting is from planting a few plants, but in mass. It gives out a more striking visual effect.

Septic Tank Pumping, Greenville, SC

It is common to have a septic tank somewhere in your backyard, and it needs proper maintenance to avoid blockages and getting too much solid waste. American Waste Septic has been offering septic tank pumping services for homes and businesses in Greenville, North Carolina, since 1990. They pump out the septic tank and get rid of the waste, following all environmental laws and regulations. They deal with any problems that your septic tank might have. This will ensure that you have a good looking and healthy backyard.


By following the principles above, it is easier for you to design the landscape of your backyard. It is a place that you might be spending a lot of time in and if there is a septic tank there and you’re in the Greenville area, you might want to get in touch with American Waste Septic to help you maintain your septic tank.

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Landscape Design Tips for Beginners

Planning and redesigning the backyard can be quite a tricky affair if we aren’t sure about how to go about it. We could end up getting the dream backyard, or getting a backyard that not even we ourselves want to be in. In this article, we are going to take a look at some landscape design tips for beginners. When designing your backyard, you should use the same principles that guide you when setting up a room in the house.

Landscape Design Tips for Beginners

Determine Landscape Needs and Wants

You need to make a list of needs depending on who will be using the back yard, and how it will be used. You need to picture where you will place things and can actually make a sketch of how it will look.

Think About Location

The patterns of the sand and wind are very important when planning your backyard since they will influence where to place things such as patios. You also need to remember that those patterns change depending on the different seasons and times of the year.

Sit Down and Enjoy Your Landscape

Take your time so that you make the right choices. This means spending more time outdoors so that you can best figure out how you would like your outdoor space to look.

Start Small

If you’re fan of home and garden TV shows, you might think that you can get your garden done in a few days. This is impossible unless you intend to employ as many people as they do, to get the job done for you. The best option here is to start small, such as with one flower bed, and then gradually expand. You can work on the garden for an hour or two per day, or week, depending on your schedule, instead of getting it all done in two days like the TV shows.

Determine a Focal Point

You need to have a focal point that will be the main focus of the garden, such as a sculpture or a plant that stands out.

Engineered Oak Flooring – Floormania

When designing your backyard, you might want it to go with the design of the house. There are many things to consider in this situation, such as the materials used in and out of the house. In this article, we are going to take a look at engineered oak flooring, whereby the floor can be made from many different wood materials. Pre-engineered oak flooring is popular since it is affordable and easy to install, some of the installation methods including stapling, gluing, and floating. Below are some of the different options of engineered oak flooring that are offered by Floormania:

Hurford Bateau

Hurford Burnt Umber

Hurford Natural

Hurford Slate Grey

Hurford Smouldered

Hurford Vintage

Hurford White Wash

Preference Aged Oak

Preference Avola Natural

Preference Bleached Driftwood

Preference Cannes

Preference Champagne

Preference Chardonnay

Preference Chestnut

Preference Ebony

Preference Espresso

Preference Grey Wash

Preference Heritage Grey

Preference Latte

Preference Limewash

Preference Merlot

Preference Mink Grey

Preference Mocha

Preference Moonlight


It is important to think about what you would really like your backyard to look like before you embark on landscape designing. If you’re after getting oak flooring, you will want to check in with Floormania to check out their amazing floors.

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Things to Consider in Landscape Design

Having a backyard at home is convenient in many ways. It can provide a space to host parties, play or just relax, and a host of other things. When we buy a home, it is important to plan how we would like our backyards to look. We could always opt to have a landscape designer get the job done for us, or we could do it ourselves. In this article, we are going to take a look at things to consider when planning your landscape.

Things to Consider in Landscape Design

Know your yard

You need to know your yard well, taking into consideration things like the type of soil, the topography of the land, the climate, and the microclimate (full sun, partial shade, shade, or deep shade). Once you have all of them covered, it will be easier to design your backyard since you will know things like which direction the water drains to, or the parts of the land, and the part of your backyard that gets the most sunlight, etc.

Who will be using the yard?

You need to know who will be using the backyard the most in order for you to plan effectively. This will make it easier to figure out what the yard will be used for. It could be for entertaining, for the kids to play, a place to sit in nature and relax, the list is endless.

Think about themes

You also need to think of a suitable theme for your landscape, taking into consideration the architectural design of the house and other buildings. This will make it easier to decide where to put things such as plants, decorations, and other structures. Think of the colors that you want represented there.

Create and link spaces

Think of your yard the same way that you would the rooms in your house. You can create spaces in your backyard, through which people can move.

Work with plants

You should let plants play a role in your backyard since they are important for many different reasons. They can act as barriers against wind and dust, they can provide food in the form of veggies, fruits, and spices, they provide beauty with the flowers and greenery, and they have lovely scents, act as borders, and are homes to many other beautiful creatures such as birds. When placed in the right position, the pants can also alter conditions such as light and temperature, as well as insulate against noise.

Boss Laser

When making your backyard, you are bound to use many different tools such as hammers, trowels, power saws, and even lasers. The lasers can be used for cutting through things and leaving clean cuts. In this part of the article, we are going to take a look at the Boss Laser. This is one of the best laser engravers in the market, judging from the Boss Laser reviews. Made by Better Business Bureau, this is a CO2 laser cutter and engraver system that creates clean cuts, perfect for all of your cutting needs. It can be used by many different people such as hobbyists and business people. Before using the Boss Laser, you should check if you’ll require some sort of licensing for your locality.


Armed with the information that we have provided above, you can now get started with planning the landscape of your backyard. You could even use the Boss Laser on some of your modifications.

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