Steak Grilling Tips

Steak Grilling Tips

Having a backyard is one thing, and the things that you can do on that backyard is another. Depending on factors such as the size and features of the backyard, one of the things that can be done on the backyard is hosting parties and get together functions. During those parties, one of the things that are bound to stand out is food, and especially barbeque. That is the reason why we are now going to take a look at some steak grilling tips since we understand that grilling a steak isn’t just about placing it on a grill, turning it around, and you’re done.

Steak Grilling Tips

Always Clean the Grill Beforehand

Always ensure that you wash the grill thoroughly with a brush so that you can remove any foods that could have been left there the last time that you used the grill.

Start at High Heat

When you start grilling your steaks, first of all ensure that they are at room temperature, and then start off the grill at high heat so that the outer part of the steaks cook faster, and the chances of the steak sticking to the grill are lower. A grill thermometer is handy in this situation.


You wouldn’t want undercooked meat since it could have more bacteria, which could be dangerous for the health of the party goers. Use an instant read thermometer to gauge and ensure that your steaks have cooked the way you like them, whether medium or well cooked.

Pick the Cut Accordingly

You need to choose the cut of your choice so that you can marinate it accordingly, making it softer.

Wood pellet review

In the backyard, you would want to use a wood pellet grill for the best steaks. There are many different types of wood pellets that can be used in the grill, and in this part of the article, we are going to take a look at the best wood pellets.

CookinPellets 40 PM

These wood pellets are made from four good quality hardwoods, starting with hickory, which is mentioned in the title. The other woods are cherry, maple, and apple. They are bestselling pellets although they don’t have oak and alder.

CookinPellets 40H

As the name suggests, these wood pellets consist of 100% Hickory wood.

Smokehouse Products

These pellets are made of 100% alder woods, with the taste of the steak being greatly enhanced by the apple-flavored smoke.

Traeger PEL313

​Like the Smokehouse pellets above, these also come with apple-flavored smoke. They work well for longer cooking due to their ability to maintain Burns that are clean and consistent.

MoJack Myron Mixon

These are all-natural hickory cooking pellets that consist of hickory.

Lumber Jack

Perfect for consistent burns during grilling, these are made of 100% Apple tree material. ​

American Wood Fibers Bedding Pellets

These are pellets meant for animal bedding due to their high absorption rate.

Bear Paw Products

Emitting a strong apple aroma, these pellets consist of oak, pecan, and applewood materials. ​

Pit Boss BBQ Wood Pellets

​These wood pellets have a very unique flavor due to the fact that they are made from three different woods that include maple, hickory, and cherry. They also undergo a high-quality compression process.

BBQ’rs Delight Jack Daniels Wood Pellets

They have the Jack Daniels signature flavor and aroma.


By following the tips above and using an option from the pellets listed above, you’re bound to have finger licking steak for your backyard party.

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