Interesting Things You Don’t Know About Your Garden

We all love spending time in a beautiful garden.  The fresh air, natural green, and sunlight instantly makes you feel a lot better.  That is because outdoors time is wonderful for improving your overall health and for boosting your mental health.

You can also learn a great deal about nature and the environment by paying a bit more attention to your garden.  Here are a few interesting things you might not know about your own garden just yet.

Interesting Things You Don’t Know About Your Garden
Interesting Things You Don’t Know About Your Garden

There Are Quite A Few Tree Superstitions

By now you have probably heard of quite a few superstitions.  If you break a mirror, you get 7 years of bad luck.  Walking underneath a ladder is bad luck and the number 13 is a bad omen.  But did you know that there are quite a few tree superstitions? On Mount View Tree you can check out some of the strangest, funniest and most interesting superstitions surrounding trees.  These superstitions could shed some light on your own circumstances in your garden.  You might even learn something very helpful that could change your health or your life.

Looking At Green Is Good For You

Spending time on your lawn and looking at green can benefit your body and mind in many different ways.  Natural greens have a psychological effect on your body.  When you look at natural green you feel livelier, more productive and your inner energy is naturally restored.

There Are a Lot of Microorganisms in Your Garden

If you take a teaspoon and scoop up some dirt you will hold more microorganisms in your hand than there are people on earth.  But don’t worry, these microorganisms are good for your body and for the environment because they help keep the soil full of nutrition and make your immune system a lot stronger.

Plants Do Respond To Sound

Studies have shown that vibrations found in sounds like music and sweet voice sounds can boost your plants’ growth.  The plants in greenhouses that have voice soundtracks grow much faster than those in silent greenhouses.  So don’t be shy to sing outside in the garden if you want your garden to flourish and grow.

You Can Make Compost without a Composter

You don’t always need a composter or compost to create healthy nutrient rich soil.  Simply grab offcuts from the kitchen such as coffee grounds, eggshells, chopped up banana peels and mix these directly into your soil on a regular basis and your garden will naturally become a lot healthier.

Use Baking Soda for Sweeter Fruits

By sprinkling a little bit of baking soda onto your soil you reduce the acidity in your soil which sweetens your crops.  This is a handy method for those with fruit and veggie gardens.

Gardening Is a Good Workout

Spending time outside improves your chances of getting more exercise through walking, climbing, and movement and doing gardening work is excellent for your health because it helps you build stronger muscles and can even help you lose weight.

 Interesting Things You Don’t Know About Your Garden